Who Won the Yesterday Match IPL 2024 | Yesterday IPL Match Result 

Who Won the Yesterday Match IPL – Currently IPL 2024 is being played. Let us know in this post the answers to all your questions related to the 17th edition of Tata IPL. Read this post completely, in this we will know who won yesterday’s match in IPL 2024 –

Who Won the Yesterday Match IPL
Who Won the Yesterday Match IPL

Who Won the Yesterday Match IPL 2024

Who won yesterday in IPL 2024 – The Indian Premier League of 2024 will run for 2 months in which all 10 teams will play 74 matches. One match will be played daily in the IPL, but two will be seen on Sunday. You can see the winner of yesterday’s match in IPL in the table given below –

Match DateWednesday, April 17, 2024
Today MatchGujarat Titans vs Delhi Capitals
CaptainsGT – Shubman Gill
DC- Rishabh Pant
Toss Timing7 PM
Match Timing7:30 PM
Match Live TelecastStar Sports Network
Match Live StreamingJio Cinema
Venue/StadiumNarendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad
Who Won Toss Today
Match Winner
Today Match Score

Yesterday Match Scorecard and Highlights

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Who Won the Yesterday Match IPL 2024 List

A total of 74 matches will be played in IPL 2024. You can know about the results of all the IPL matches in the following table –

Match no.DateDayTime(IST)Home TeamAway TeamVenueResult
122-Mar-24Friday7:30Chennai Super KingsRoyals Challengers BangaloreChennaiCSK won by 6 wickets
223-Mar-24Saturday3:30Punjab KingsDelhi CapitalsMullanpurPBKS won by 4 wickets
323-Mar-24Saturday7:30Kolkata Knight Riders Sunrisers HyderabadKolkataKKR won by 4 runs
424-Mar-24Sunday3:30Rajasthan RoyalsLucknow Super GiantsJaipurRR won by 20 runs
524-Mar-24Sunday7:30Gujarat TitansMumbai IndiansAhmedabad GT won by 6 runs
625-Mar-24Monday7:30Royals Challengers BangalorePunjab KingsBangaloreRCB won by 6 wickets
726-Mar-24Tuesday7:30Chennai Super KingsGujarat TitansChennaiCSK won by 63 runs
827-Mar-24Wednesday7:30Sunrisers HyderabadMumbai IndiansHyderabadSRH won by 31 runs
928-Mar-24Thursday7:30Rajasthan RoyalsDelhi CapitalsJaipurRR won by 12 runs
1029-Mar-24Friday7:30Royals Challengers BangaloreKolkata Knight Riders BangaloreKKR won by 7 wickets
1130-Mar-24Saturday7:30Lucknow Super GiantsPunjab KingsLucknowLSG won by 21 runs
1231-Mar-24Sunday 3:30Gujarat TitansSunrisers HyderabadAhmedabad GT Won by 7 wickets
1331-Mar-24Sunday 7:30Delhi CapitalsChennai Super KingsVisakhapatnamDC won by 20 runs
1401-Apr-24Monday7:30Mumbai IndiansRajasthan RoyalsMumbaiRR won by 6 wickets
1502-Apr-24Tuesday 7:30Royals Challengers BangaloreLucknow Super GiantsBangaloreLSG won by 28 runs
1603-Apr-24Wednesday7:30Delhi CapitalsKolkata Knight Riders VisakhapatnamKKR won by 106 runs
1704-Apr-24Thursday7:30Gujarat TitansPunjab KingsAhmedabad PBKS won by 3 wickets
1805-Apr-24Friday7:30Sunrisers HyderabadChennai Super KingsHyderabadSRH won by 6 wickets
1906-Apr-24Saturday7:30Rajasthan RoyalsRoyals Challengers BangaloreJaipurSRH won by 6 wickets
2007-Apr-24Sunday 3:30Mumbai IndiansDelhi CapitalsMumbaiMI won by 29 runs
2107-Apr-24Sunday 7:30Lucknow Super GiantsGujarat TitansLucknowLSG won by 33 runs
2208-Apr-24Monday7:30Chennai Super KingsKolkata Knight Riders ChennaiCSK won by 7 wickets
2309-Apr-24Tuesday 7:30Punjab KingsSunrisers HyderabadMullanpurSRH won by 2 runs
2410-Apr-24Wednesday  7:30Rajasthan RoyalsGujarat TitansJaipurGT won by 3 wickets
2511-Apr-24Thursday7:30Mumbai IndiansRoyal Challengers BangaloreMumbaiMI won by 7 wickets
2612-Apr-24Friday7:30Lucknow Super GiantsDelhi CapitalsLucknowDC won by 6 wickets
2713-Apr-24Saturday7:30Punjab KingsRajasthan RoyalsMullanpurRR won by 3 wickets
2814-Apr-24Sunday 3:30Kolkata Knight Riders Lucknow Super GiantsKolkataKKR won by 8 wickets
2914-Apr-24Sunday 7:30Mumbai IndiansChennai Super KingsMumbaiCSK won by 20 runs
3015-Apr-24Monday7:30Royal Challengers BangaloreSunrisers HyderabadBangaloreSRH won by 25 runs
3116-Apr-24Tuesday 7:30Gujarat TitansDelhi CapitalsAhmedabad 
3217-Apr-24Wednesday  7:30Kolkata Knight Riders Rajasthan RoyalsKolkataRR won by 2 wickets
3318-Apr-24Thursday7:30Punjab KingsMumbai IndiansMullanpur
3419-Apr-24Friday7:30Lucknow Super GiantsChennai Super KingsLucknow
3520-Apr-24Saturday7:30Delhi CapitalsSunrisers HyderabadDelhi
3621-Apr-24Sunday 3:30Kolkata Knight Riders Royal Challengers BangaloreKolkata
3721-Apr-24Sunday 7:30Punjab KingsGujarat TitansMullanpur
3822-Apr-24Monday7:30Rajasthan RoyalsMumbai IndiansJaipur
3923-Apr-24Tuesday 7:30Chennai Super KingsLucknow Super GiantsChennai
4024-Apr-24Wednesday  7:30Delhi CapitalsGujarat TitansDelhi
4125-Apr-24Thursday7:30Sunrisers HyderabadRoyal Challengers BangaloreHyderabad
4226-Apr-24Friday7:30Kolkata Knight Riders Punjab kingsKolkata
4327-Apr-24Saturday3:30Delhi CapitalsMumbai IndiansDelhi
4427-Apr-24Saturday7:30Lucknow Super GiantsRajasthan RoyalsLucknow
4528-Apr-24Sunday 3:30Gujarat TitansRoyal Challengers BangaloreAhmedabad 
4628-Apr-24Sunday 7:30Chennai Super KingsSunrisers HyderabadChennai
4729-Apr-24Monday7:30Kolkata Knight Riders Delhi CapitalsKolkata
4830-Apr-24Tuesday 7:30Lucknow Super GiantsMumbai IndiansLucknow
491-May-24Wednesday  7:30Chennai Super KingsPunjab kingsChennai
502-May-24Thursday7:30Sunrisers HyderabadRajasthan RoyalsHyderabad
513-May-24Friday7:30Mumbai IndiansKolkata Knight Riders Mumbai
524-May-24Saturday7:30Royal Challengers BangaloreGujarat TitansBangalore
535-May-24Sunday 3:30Punjab KingsChennai Super KingsDharamshala
545-May-24Monday7:30Lucknow Super GiantsKolkata Knight Riders Lucknow
556-May-24Tuesday 7:30Mumbai IndiansSunrisers HyderabadMumbai
567-May-24Tuesday 7:30Delhi CapitalsRajasthan RoyalsDelhi
578-May-24Wednesday 7:30Sunrisers HyderabadLucknow Super GiantsHyderabad
589-May-24Thursday7:30Punjab kingsRoyal Challengers BangaloreDharamshala
5910-May-24Friday7:30Gujarat TitansChennai Super KingsAhmedabad 
6011-May-24Saturday7:30Kolkata Knight Riders Mumbai IndiansKolkata
6112-May-24Sunday7:30Chennai Super KingsRajasthan RoyalsChennai
6212-May-24Sunday7:30Royal Challengers BangaloreDelhi CapitalsBangalore
6313-May-24Monday7:30Gujarat TitansKolkata Knight Riders Ahmedabad 
6414-May-24Tuesday 7:30Delhi CapitalsLucknow Super GiantsDelhi
6515-May-24Wednesday  7:30Rajasthan RoyalsPunjab KingsGuwahati
6616-May-24Thursday7:30Sunrisers HyderabadGujarat TitansHyderabad
6717-May-24Friday7:30Mumbai IndiansLucknow Super GiantsMumbai
6818-May-24Saturday7:30Royal Challengers BangaloreChennai Super KingsBangalore
6919-May-24Sunday 3:30Sunrisers HyderabadPunjab KingsHyderabad
7019-May-24Sunday 7:30Rajasthan RoyalsKolkata Knight Riders Guwahati

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Yesterday IPL Match-related FAQ

Whose match was yesterday in IPL 2024?

In IPL, one match is played every day but two matches each are played on Sunday. You can read the information about tomorrow’s IPL match in this post.

Who Won the Yesterday Match IPL 2024?

You will get the result of yesterday’s match in this post.

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